Reconnect | Feel | Heal – 4 Week Group Program

** COURSE START DATE – 4th October **


Join us for a 4 week deep dive into yourself!   We will go through different ways so you can reconnect to your breath and reconnect back to your true self.

Once you have reconnected back with yourself you are able to feel what is happening, these could be trapped emotions, pain or other health-related problems.  When you can feel these things you can start to see what is no longer serving you and start the healing process.

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves, so now you have reconnected with your true self and discovered what needs to be healed it is time to awaken the inner healer.

This is a group program and will have tasks that need to be completed each week.  We will host a weekly group call and there will also be a community communication platform so that everyone can support each other on this journey.


Suggested price: 200

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