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what is breathwork

Breathwork is a term used for various breathing techniques in which you consciously control your breathing.  People often perform breathwork to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being and it is now scientifically proven that breathwork can have profound effects on your health.  There are many forms of breathwork therapy, however, I focus on using SOMA Breath for my sessions as it has been life-changing for myself and participants to my sessions.


what is soma breath?

SOMA Breath is designed to help people reduce the number of breaths per minute when at rest.  It is proven that by slowing your breath down you can alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety.  During a SOMA breath session you will combine ancient breathing techniques with transformative music so you can go deep into a meditative state and transform your life. 

benefits of soma breath

Reduces stress

Relieves anxiety

Increases creativity

Improves brain function

Improves immune system function

Improves brain waves

Improves mind-body connection

Plus more….

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