Breathwork sessions in lisbon

Join me for an in person breathwork session and learn about the power of your breath.

I will guide you on how to breathe correctly so that your breath will help reduce stress and anxiety and will allow you to reconnect back to your true self.  

During each session we will breathe in a rhythm to music that allows you to go deep into the subconscious mind and remove any of the worries or fears that may be going on in your daily life.

There will be two parts to the session, the first part I will teach you how to breathe correctly so that you can use your breath to your advantage in your everyday life.  The second part I will guide you to breathe with the music.

Please wear loose warm clothes that you will feel comfortable in.

Please check the contraindications before signing up to any of these events. 



Individual Session –  €11 per session

Private Breathwork – If you would like a private breathwork session tailored to your individual needs SIGN UP HERE

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