about me

Life is a journey and I love learning about the journey that has led people to this exact moment, what lifestyle choices they have made and the challenges they have faced along the way.  Through a combination of education and my own personal experiences I figure out what is stopping people optimising their health, and I help them to boost their energy and self-esteem while reducing stress, pain and inflammation.

There isn’t an optimal diet and lifestyle that suits everyone, so each of my clients receives a bespoke programme that is created specifically to help them reach their goals. Everyone has different goals and needs so I take these into account and together we create a programme that works.  Each of my programmes will always use the 6 steps from the 12 week coaching programme, but  certain adjustments will be made for each client.

So many people waste so much time searching for shortcuts to optimal health.  They want to reach peak fitness but do not want to put in the work to get there.  They are too busy avoiding giving up the things they know are not serving them, because these things bring comfort and quick releases of “happiness”.

But why is it so hard to give these things up?  Everyone knows the “bad foods” but still eat them, they are addicted and crave them.  This is because the underlying problems are not being dealt with, the mindset is not being aligned with the journey towards a healthier life.

What if I told you that you can reprogram your mind to set you up for success for your health transformation?  That changing your lifestyle does not have to feel like you are being punished, and it can be an enjoyable process that will have you feeling empowered with tools that can help you increase energy, reduce stress and get rid of excess body fat.  

The mind is often overlooked when embarking on a diet or lifestyle change and that is why so many people fail!  But also so many people are not involved in the process, they are just given a generic programme which does not interest them, that does not suit their goals and needs.

It is time for you to take control of your health and with me by your side you will succeed! I am here with you on this journey.

Hi, I'm pauly

Growing up I always struggled with being overweight. I was always physically active but my mum was constantly making sure I didn’t eat too much sugar. I felt I was constantly on a diet and being punished, and being bullied for 6 years of my life left some pretty deep emotional wounds and a lot of body consciousness.  This led me on a rollercoaster of trying a variety of diets and fitness programmes, but none of them seemed to work… But what was I doing wrong? 
but then i moved to japan

I moved to Japan in 2015 and during my first few years I was living the traveller lifestyle, lots of drinking and partying with no concern for my own health.  I was over 90kg and felt tired, heavy and sluggish.  During the summer months I noticed that I would lose weight, there was an increase in physical activity and I was eating more Japanese food than during the winter. The winters would come back around again and I gained the weight back drinking and eating the incorrect foods again as the western meals were back on.   

When the next summer came around I joined the local CrossFit gym and this really got me thinking about diet. It encouraged me to learn more about health and fitness and made me realise that what I was eating wasn’t only affecting my weight, but also my health, wellbeing and mindset.  As I cleaned up my diet I started to notice reactions when I ate certain foods, pasta and dairy would make my stomach blow up, cause phlegm in my throat and seemed to close my nasal passages making it hard to breathe. I had been living with those issues all my life with no idea what was causing it.  The more I learnt about my own body, the deeper I wanted to go.

When my wife and I decided to do an elimination diet this really helped me tune into how my body reacts with different foods and it put the final nail in the coffin with making the changes I really needed.  Bread, gluten and dairy were all a no go for me anymore.  The more I learnt about the way I was living I realised I was living a primal lifestyle and it was time for me to educate myself around why these changes had improved my health and then I can pass this knowledge on to others around me.



“I am so grateful for these experiences growing up, now I can help others achieve optimal health”

Being overweight is daunting and if people around you haven’t experienced it they don’t really understand the mental challenges you go through and how difficult it can be to make some of these changes without the support. I had to go through it all on my own, people around me didn’t understand what I needed to do and I had to learn and support myself. Having a coach would have definitely made it much easier and having someone to keep me accountable would have really helped.  Being fit and healthy has really made me realise that I want to give back and help others that struggle with health.  This is why I enrolled and studied to become a Primal Health Coach.



“Such simple lessons with such a huge impact!”

“Such simple lessons with such a huge impact! Paul has guided me through my breathing, nutrition, meditation and life balance. Having meditated for many years, I was looking for something more wholistic. I wanted to focus on my physical and mental health with specific guidance on gut health. The results speak for themselves. It did not take long to start noticing changes within myself. I am incredibly motivated to continue my journey with Paul and full of gratitude for his genuine care, knowledge and guidance. “



“In such a short period of time, I have traveled so far in my journey of improved health, self care, happiness and balance, and now feel I have the tools to continue on the right path to a happy healthy me.”

“Paul was a great fit for me.  It started with me thinking it would be coaching in the sense of healthy eating to lose weight, but it turned into so much more than that. The most helpful part of working with Paul as my coach was being accountable in a non-judgemental way. It was not regimented and evolved into a holistic approach. I enjoyed the self-care approach that encouraged me to re-frame the internal negative thoughts in my head that wer pulling me down, and change them into something positive with happiness and joy and balance in my life.

The change in my daily habits and the introduction of my time in the mornings, meditation, breathing, yoga and movement not only helped me physically lose weight but also more importantly helped my mental health and reminded me to be kind to myself.

In such a short period of time, I have travelled so far in my journey of improved health, self-care, happiness and balance, and now feel I have the tools to continue on the right path to a happy healthy me. Thank you Paul.”