12 week LIFESTYLE programme


do you wish optimising your health could be easy; that you could live an amazing life without suffering from low energy, stress, cravings, health issues, illness, pain and inflammation?  

if so, you’re not alone.

I meet so many people who feel constantly fatigued, stressed, and overwhelmed that they just do not know where to start with upgrading their health.  They try to embrace a new healthy lifestyle, working out 6 days a week and eating a new diet, but still have no energy, irritating health issues and excess body fat.  They feel even more stressed, irritable than before and return back to old patterns because it is not working.  

But why are they struggling?

 It’s because health is more than just eating correctly and working out! 

Health is much more than just diet and exercise, it is about finding your WHY!  Everyone seems to just make a decision “I want to get healthy” and then go all in to try and lose weight to look good, but often it is not because they want to, it is often for other people and this can result in changes not lasting for the long term.  

I know this because I did the same thing!  For years I wanted to lose weight and look good, but for what?  It was because I was looking for external validation, I wanted others to like me and see me for being healthy.  The reason I felt I needed this was because of the barriers I had created when I was an overweight kid who was bullied for 6 years!  When I realised this I was able to get past it and start taking action for myself and not for others.  I stopped looking for what others thought of me and I started to respect and love myself for who I was. 

This is often overlooked when embarking on new health journeys, many doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and trainers skip these steps and just prescribe medication, or a generic diet and exercise protocol which doesn’t take into account YOUR specific needs and wants and that doesn’t set you up for long term success.  It is like putting a temporary bandaid over the problem!

That’s where I differ!  Together we will look at your current lifestyle, your wants, your needs and we will create a program specifically designed for you.  This program will take you deeper than any other program as we will work on the three aspects of who you are, your mind, body and spirit.  Most programs only focus on one of these elements but I have found for myself and for clients that it is vital to integrate all 3 elements to create long lasting change.  

    if you are
    • Sick of failing at healthy lifestyle changes

    • Suffering with chronic stress, fatigue and overwhelm

    • Struggling with excess body fat, despite trying a variety of diets

    • Not sure which foods are right for you

    • Constantly hungry and irritable

    • Fed up of counting calories

    • Wasting hours in the gym

    Then this is the programme for you! 

      the results



      “Such simple lessons with such a huge impact!”

      “Such simple lessons with such a huge impact! Paul has guided me through my breathing, nutrition, meditation and life balance. Having meditated for many years, I was looking for something more wholistic. I wanted to focus on my physical and mental health with specific guidance on gut health. The results speak for themselves. It did not take long to start noticing changes within myself. I am incredibly motivated to continue my journey with Paul and full of gratitude for his genuine care, knowledge and guidance. “



      In such a short period of time, I have traveled so far in my journey of improved health, self care, happiness and balance, and now feel I have the tools to continue on the right path to a happy healthy me.”

      Paul was a great fit for me.  It started with me thinking it would be coaching in the sense of healthy eating to lose weight, but it turned into so much more than that. The most helpful part of working with Paul as my coach was being accountable in a non-judgemental way. It was not regimented and evolved into a holistic approach. I enjoyed the self-care approach that encouraged me to re-frame the internal negative thoughts in my head that wer pulling me down, and change them into something positive with happiness and joy and balance in my life.

      The change in my daily habits and the introduction of my time in the mornings, meditation, breathing, yoga and movement not only helped me physically lose weight but also more importantly helped my mental health and reminded me to be kind to myself.

      In such a short period of time, I have travelled so far in my journey of improved health, self-care, happiness and balance, and now feel I have the tools to continue on the right path to a happy healthy me. Thank you Paul.

      WHat’s included?

      •  A 12 week coaching programme created specifically for you
      • 12 one-to-one 45 minute coaching calls
      • Daily support via email or message
      • Accountability app so you and I can track your progress
      • Guided breathwork meditations

      how the lifestyle programme works

      The initial consultation will be a 60 minute one-to-one call to look at where you are currently at, what your goals are and any struggles you have been through in the past.  We will begin to uncover what may be stopping you reaching your goals and start the process of reframing some of these barriers and turn them into your superpower!  From this point we will develop a bespoke programme specifically for you to achieve your desires and we will follow a 6 step program to change your life! 

      Step 1 – Mindset

      This is what will set you up for success!  We will turn your struggles into your superpower, your losses into your wins and we will set you up for success.  Your consciousness can create your future!  It is time to get past the limiting beliefs and create the long lasting change you desire.

      Step 2 – SLEEP, STRESS and breath

      These two things are often what stop the momentum when moving towards optimal health!  We will look at your sleep patterns and stress levels and you will learn how to use your breath improve your sleep and help manage your stress.   


      There are certain foods that are known to create energy spikes and inflammation in the body.  By removing these you will be quickly notice increased energy levels, mental clarity and weight loss.  

      Step 4 – fat – the ultimate fuel source 

      The human body prefers fat as a fuel source!  When your body becomes fat adapted it is capable of burning fat as energy resulting in reduced hunger, steady energy levels and a clearer mind.

      Step 5 – MOVEMENT

      It is time to rethink working out – it is not necessary to hit the gym 6 days a week for an hour at a time!  We will look at where you are currently at and create a movement programme that works for you.  

      Step 6 – LIFESTYLE

      Becoming healthy is not about sacrificing life, it is about embracing it and living it to its fullest!  It is time to get outside more and enjoy nature, spend time with loved ones and friends and become comfortable with the uncomfortable.


      Join the free Sunday Breathwork sessions and start changing your life!

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